Commissioning of Rev Dr Neil Millar to ministry at St Ninian’s

The Commissioning of Rev Dr Neil Millar to ministry at St Ninian’s Uniting in Lynham was held on the 18th November.

It was a wonderful service and gathering to welcome and celebrate the new ministry of Neil and the energetic folk of St Ninians as they pilgrim into a new future. The choir anthem was moving and Neil’s first sermon beautifully framed a faithful and expectant way forward in our faith journey. John Williams, Co-Chair of Presbytery commented he  found it a moving occasion which was built on the careful work of discernment facilitated by Geoff Wellington, Tim Jensen and Rev Neil Millar working with the JNC members and Church Council.

It was a time of encouragement for all as we shared a delicious morning tea over good conversation. A warm thank you to all those able to attend.

St Georges Uniting Church Hall

Work has commenced on an Eden Uniting Church Initiative.

A community pantry is planned for St Georges Uniting Church Hall, with construction to be completed and ready for operation mid-2018 everyone is putting in their best efforts.

The pantry will provide a limited range of basic grocery items for free or at minimal cost. It is planned to extend food-related  services to current participants and other locals by opening a community pantry one day per week. The stock of items will be from local sources and FoodBank in Sydney. These items would be redistributed to individuals and other local not-for-profit groups who become members of the Eden community pantry organisation.

Work has commenced on the access ramp and deck to the front of the hall and an upgrade of the toilets will be provided by a Bega Valley Shire Council access improvement grant as part of providing inclusive settings throughout the shire. The extension to the hall would be one room of 27 square metres and an access deck.

This project is supported by Canberra Region Presbytery Uniting Church in Australia and is part of the local congregation’s initiative to connect and serve its community.

Well done to everyone. 

What happened when Portugal decriminalised all drugs?

You are invited to A Conversation with Dr Nuno Capaz

“We haven’t stopped the war on drugs, we’ve stopped the war on people,”

Register at:

A limited number of free tickets are available for UC members – contact Bri if you want one –

Fear of arrest, police and jail often drives people who use drugs away from the life-saving health and harm reduction services they want.

In 2001 Portugal changed its laws and decriminalised the use and possession of all drugs.

This means that rather than charging people with a criminal offence (i.e. risk of going to jail), people were charged with a civil or administrative offence (i.e. a fine).

Decriminalisation in Portugal means that while possessing and using illicit drugs is not a criminal offence, it remains illegal.

Decriminalisation was only a small part of that basket of measures aimed at curbing Portugal’s crisis in the 1990s which included treatment, harm reduction, employment and social services.

In 1992 Canberra decriminalised use and possession of cannabis.

At this public event we will discuss the Portuguese approach to drug policy – What happened? How does it work? How is it different from Canberra’s current decriminalisation approach? What could Canberra do differently?

Dr Capaz holds a PhD in Sociology and is the Vice-President, Commission for the Dissuasion of Drug Dependence in Lisbon, Portugal.

Attendees are invited to take part into the conversation and submit questions they would like to be presented to Dr Nuno Capaz. Please send all questions to by 13 November 2018.

A free post-event reception will be held at University House to extend the conversation and to celebrate the end of the year and the success of The Canberra Drug Policy Series which has brought, and will continue, to bring international speakers, cutting-edge ideas and stimulating conversations to our city.


Rainbow Christian Alliance-Tuggeranong Uniting Church

Rainbow Christian Alliance has the Rev Dr Jo Inkpin as our guest speaker on the 11th November at Tuggeranong Uniting Church.  Jo is the first out Transgender Minister in Australia.  This event is also part of SpringOut (Fairday was the first event for SpringOut and it runs over the month of November every year for the Canberra LGBTIQ+ community)

All are welcome.

Delia Quigley


Link to Facebook event: