Canberra Cavalry and the Home Team Advantage

What is the “home team advantage” for your church in its community?

Canberra Cavalry logo

Canberra Cavalry is our local team in the Australian Baseball League (ABL). Yet, who has heard of the team, where they play (Narrabundah Baseball Park, off Goyder Street), who the players and coaching staff are, when they play, that the games can be watched online, and so on.

So, again…

What is the “home team advantage” for your church in its community?
To make the point plain:
Does the community know that your church is there, or do they look past it?
Does the community know what you do?
Does the community feel connected to your church, in any way?
Does your community know anyone who attends or does anything at your church?

For the record, the Canberra Cavalry was the championship-winning team for the 2013 season, winning the Claxton Shield, and as Aussie champions went on to win the Asia Series championship. The Manager-Coach is Michael Collins, a Canberra-born player who has played in a Major League Baseball franchise in the USA.
The team is a mix of local and international players.

Fielders L-R: Christian Lopes 11, Scott Hillier 6, Alex Hudack 4 in the “away” grey uniform.

Pitcher Tim Atherton in the white “home” uniform.

Celebrating the Asia Series victory:

Advent – The coming of Jesus Christ

Advent is the part of the church calendar that starts the church year. It is the period before Christmas, when the church expects the coming of Jesus Christ. (In Latin, ‘coming’ is ‘adventus‘.) It is celebrated across four Sundays. In 2014 the four Advent Sundays are November 30, December 7, December 14, and December 21.

The usual liturgical color in Western Christianity for Advent is either purple or blue.

Advent wreath

The keeping of an advent wreath is also a common practice in homes or churches. The readings for the first Sunday in Advent relate to the old testament patriarchs who were Christ’s ancestors, so some call the first advent candle that of hope. The readings for the second Sunday concern Christ’s birth in a manger and other prophesies, so the candle may be called of Bethlehem, the way or of the prophets. The third Sunday, Gaudete Sunday after the first word of the introit (Philippians 4:4), is celebrated with rose-colored vestments similar to Laetare Sunday at the middle point of Lent. The readings for the fourth Sunday relate to the annunciation of Christ’s birth, so the candle may be known as the Angel’s candle. Where an advent wreath includes a fifth candle, it is known as the Christ candle and lit during the Christmas Eve service.

Kokonut Pacific – open day, Sat. 22 Nov 14

Come to help Kokonut Pacific celebrate 20 years of passionate commitment to social justice and health, for people in the coconut growing areas of the Pacific.

Dan and Richard Etherington

Saturday 22 November 2014, 2.30-5pm
Presentation at 3pm
Afternoon tea at 4pm
34 Silva Avenue, Queanbeyan
RSVP to or 6297 0268

Dan Etherington of Kippax Uniting has built a business assisting coconut producers to develop their ‘cottage’ business in their home places. Dan’s company, Kokonut Pacific, manufactures hand-operated coconut oil machinery that uses a traditional extraction technique and sells it to rural communities in developing countries. Dan and his team of four employees have also had to take an unusually far-reaching approach to marketing. While some villages produce oil for local use, others need to sell it further afield. Kokonut Pacific has helped them with product development and sales of certified organic virgin coconut oil, coconut oil soap and coconut oil biodiesel fuel.

The shop will be open; cash only, please.

Christian camping ministry

The Greenhills Centre is a retreat, accommodation, conference, worship and recreation facility specialising in group retreats, workshops and conferencing for schools, church and community groups to provide opportunities and facilities for meditation, worship, and personal development that reflect and celebrate God’s gifts to us.

Barry Howe, Board Chairperson of the Greenhills Centre, Cotter Road ACT, invites us to reflect on the ministry of camping.


Rev Myung-Hwa Park in the Connie Christie Chapel, Greenhills Centre

Members of The Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) have been involved in ministry through “campsites” long before the union of Presbyterians, Methodists and Congregationalists in 1977. Our own Greenhills Centre was established in 1965 through the Presbyterian Fellowship of Australia (PFA) association of founder Max Hill, as were many of over twenty Uniting Church venues throughout Australia.

As we head towards the 50th Anniversary of Greenhills Centre, on 28th March 2015, it is a good time to reflect on the Christian ministry that so many UCA outdoor venues provide.

Greenhills provides a Christian environment both for groups involved in Christian camping activities and for a wide variety of other groups who enjoy the facilities and service that Greenhills has to offer.
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Call for an inclusive and socially cohesive Australia

This Presbytery is a member of the Canberra Interfaith Forum which organised a multi-faith event in front of Parliament House last Thursday, 9th October 2015, bringing together heads and or representatives of all faith groups in Canberra to show solidarity and unity with the Muslim community of Canberra.

Rev Ivan Roberts, as Presbytery Chairperson, and Geoff Wellington as Presbytery Minister (Mission & Education) spoke at the gathering. Rev Kevin Dilks, Presbytery Minister (Pastoral & Administration) and other UCA members were also there.

Here is the text of what Ivan said:

Call for an inclusive and socially cohesive Australia
On behalf of the Uniting Church in Australia, I wish to begin by expressing appreciation for the opportunity to stand in solidarity with religious leaders of other faith traditions to affirm our shared longing to create a welcoming, inclusive and socially cohesive Australia.

All faith traditions are based on the premise we come and go within a larger mystery, that there is a deeper reality that has called all creation into being in interrelated wholeness, and therefore all humanity are called to live in harmony with love and respect for one another and all creation.

Indeed the genius of Jesus, the revealer of truth within the Christian tradition, was his insight there is just one great commandment: to love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind, and our neighbour as ourselves. This same truth was captured by the great Indian civil rights campaigner, Mahatma Gandhi who once said, “I am a part and parcel of the whole and I cannot find God apart from the rest of humanity.”
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