Call for an inclusive and socially cohesive Australia

This Presbytery is a member of the Canberra Interfaith Forum which organised a multi-faith event in front of Parliament House last Thursday, 9th October 2015, bringing together heads and or representatives of all faith groups in Canberra to show solidarity and unity with the Muslim community of Canberra.

Rev Ivan Roberts, as Presbytery Chairperson, and Geoff Wellington as Presbytery Minister (Mission & Education) spoke at the gathering. Rev Kevin Dilks, Presbytery Minister (Pastoral & Administration) and other UCA members were also there.

Here is the text of what Ivan said:

Call for an inclusive and socially cohesive Australia
On behalf of the Uniting Church in Australia, I wish to begin by expressing appreciation for the opportunity to stand in solidarity with religious leaders of other faith traditions to affirm our shared longing to create a welcoming, inclusive and socially cohesive Australia.

All faith traditions are based on the premise we come and go within a larger mystery, that there is a deeper reality that has called all creation into being in interrelated wholeness, and therefore all humanity are called to live in harmony with love and respect for one another and all creation.

Indeed the genius of Jesus, the revealer of truth within the Christian tradition, was his insight there is just one great commandment: to love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind, and our neighbour as ourselves. This same truth was captured by the great Indian civil rights campaigner, Mahatma Gandhi who once said, “I am a part and parcel of the whole and I cannot find God apart from the rest of humanity.”
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Lin Hatfield Dodds featured on ABC TV’s 7.30 ACT

Lin Hatfield Dodds

Lin Hatfield Dodds, National Director of UnitingCare Australia, was featured in ABC TV’s 7.30 ACT (Duration: 3min 28sec) on 26 September 2014. She was describing being part of the community / ‘tribe’ of Kippax Uniting Church.

NSW/ACT Synod 2014

Uniting for the Common Good – Celebrating a sustainable future

From this week’s Synod Newsletter received today, General Secretary, Rev Dr Andrew Williams, writes:

Rev Dr Andrew WilliamsIt’s on this weekend! After nearly a year in the planning, the Synod Meeting will be on this weekend at Knox Grammar School in Wahroonga from 27-30 September. As well as lots of discussion and reporting about what has happened over the last 18 months, there will be many opportunities for us to worship together in community.

For all the details and highlights over the next five days go to the Synod website page.

To include your event, news story or article of interest, simply send an email to contactus[at]

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