Sleep in your car 3-9 August 2015

From Fusion Canberra

fusionHomelessness is a complex and little understood issue.  Did you know that 94% of those who are homeless aren’t living on the streets?  While it is good to know that these 94% aren’t on the streets, it means that the issue remains very much hidden.

Sleep in Your Car is all about shining a light on the issue of hidden youth homelessness.  So where are these people living?  They are in cars, caravans, accommodation services, friends couches, overcrowded dwellings and spare rooms.

Often people are homeless through no fault of their own… domestic violence, financial hardship, mental health conditions and many more reasons. We also know that if you are homeless during adolescence you are much more likely to be homeless later in life.

This is also why Fusion Australia are holding the event during national Homelessness Prevention Week 3-9th August ( to work alongside other great organisations and events working to ‘step up to end homelessness’.

What can you do to help?

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Partnership in Prayer for Sunday 2.8.15

Each week we request prayer points from one or more congregations for circulation via the weekly notices. This week,

Prayer points from O’Connor Congregation:

Please pray:

  • that the Worship and Prayer services we have each week bear fruitful witness to our love of God and our intention and desire to represent Jesus Christ to the whole community.
  • for the good health and well being of our Minister.
  • our Church Council as they seek the Lord for the direction of the Church at this time.
  • for the families in our Congregation whose members face long term treatment of their illnesses.
  • that our Community Market Days continue to provide hospitality and make a positive contribution to community.
  • for our contribution to and involvement with the YWAM Pantry offering affordable food, household items and clothing to those in need.
  • that we remain sensitive and responsive to the struggling Christian Church in the Philippines led by Br. Bervs.
  • that members of the Community Garden and all other groups who regularly use our facilities enjoy a safe and welcoming environment.

Partnership in Prayer

Each week we request prayer points from one or more congregations for circulation via the weekly notices. We’ve decided it would be a good idea to include them on the website. This week:

Prayer points from Merimbula and Wyndham Congregations

Please pray:

•  for the Ministry of the Rev David Russell as he continues to encourage and support us through worship and guidance in our meetings, which enables us to go out into the community and take the good news of Christ’s love to all we meet and all we do, in this community and beyond.

•  that we can take what we learned at the Regional Presbytery meeting on Saturday 18th July and put it into action.

•  for the ways our Congregation are being involved in Outreach in our community which is improving the lives of many.

• in particular for those involved in our OP Shop at Tura Beach which provides social contact for both volunteers and customers, low cost quality goods and finance for other worthy causes. As we plan for the next 5 years by taking out a Lease we pray for continued good management and community engagement.

• for the many people needing the 600 blankets for which we are paying the freight for delivery from Sydney. We give thanks that we can help in this way and pray for the many welfare groups involved in distributing these blankets from Eden to Bega.

• for a permanent home for ‘Pearls Place’ a new venture from the Reaching Out Foundation, which we support with our time, prayers and finances, which provides a hot meal and a place to meet others and find support to cope.

• for continued energy for those involved in Pastoral Care at the Hospital and Nursing Homes, and for those involved in the Uniting Church Community Visitors Scheme, visiting lonely elderly people in Nursing Homes.

14th Assembly – Day 6 (Friday 17 July 2015)

Assembly begins today with Communion, Worship, and Bible Study (today facilitated by Dr Rosemary Dewerse).

ASC Proposals are considered; Agencies proposals are taken.

Overseas visitors have their say.

Synod and Presbytery Proposals are made and considered.

Late afternoon, Declaration of Ballots.

Evening: This session will allow the Presbytery of WA to conduct the ordination of two members of Congress. Members of the Assembly are invited to join in this significant event in the life of Congress and the Presbytery of WA.

Another 11 1/2 hour day for members.