St James Community Concert for Pegasus ACT

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St James Uniting Church in Curtin saw a need to establish a Social Justice and Inclusiveness Group about four years ago because a growing awareness within the congregation of the importance of social justice in the life of the Church was not being matched by our actions. Our main activity of the past three years has been to raise funds for overseas development projects.

In 2013 the group decided to support a local cause. It found one in Pegasus ACT. Pegasus (Riding for the Disabled) is a local not-for-profit organisation which provides equestrian activities for people, especially children, with a disability. It was close to folding last year. It has managed to turn things around over the past 12 months but still needs more financial support to secure a longer term future.
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Eric Elnes in Canberra

Canberra Region Presbytery is partnering with Kippax Uniting Church and St James Uniting Church to host three events with Eric Elnes, Tuesday and Wednesday October 2 and 3, 2012. These are:

On Faith Online. Interactive. Transcending Traditional Worship with Darkwood Brew Tuesday Evening October 2, St James Uniting Church, 40 Gillies St, Curtin, ACT 7.30 – 9.30 pm. Cost $10  Eric introduces Darkwood Brew, a renegade exploration of Christian practice for the emerging faith of our world today. Blend ancient liturgical and spiritual practices (like lectio divine) with contemporary interactive technology (like Twitter and Skype), add some world-class music, arts, biblical scholarship,and special guests from around the globe (via Skype)and you have Darkwood Brew. Click here for more.

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James Jupp on Multiculturalism

St James’ Curtin and South Woden Uniting congregations are hosting a forum on multicuturalism and its place in Australia, Tuesday 19 April, at 7.45 pm, at St James’, Curtin, Canberra (Entry and parking off Gillies Street). Speaker for the forum is Dr James Jupp, Director of the Centre for Immigration and Multicultural Studies in the Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute at the Australian National University. There will be time for discussion over refreshments after Jupp’s presentation. Contact Evan Mann Tel: 02 6285 1397 (After 6.00 p.m.) Admission is free.

James Jupp books

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How my theology has changed – Heather Herbert

The Centre for Progressive Religious Thought Canberra presents

‘œHow my theology has changed!’ No. 3. by Heather Herbert. At: St James Church Centre, 40 Gillies Street, Curtin. Date: 16 October, Time: 7.45pm, Entry: Free to members and friends

‘¢ Heather Herbert is a Quaker (approaching 80 years) who has spent much of her life in grassroots groups involved with peace and justice work, indigenous issues, conflict resolution, empowerment, the transpersonal. Is our God a judgmental or a nurturing energy? How do we handle the balance between fear and love? Does the violence in our world stem from our very judgmental culture? How does trauma affect us? Past life memories? – what’s that all about?

Contact: Rex Hunt. Ph: 6281 7419