Report – Canberra Region Presbytery meeting 14 May 2016

A report to the members of the UCA in the Canberra Region Presbytery on the recently held Presbytery Meeting hosted by Kippax Uniting Church – May 2016.


Much discussion from the floor….

1. EDUCATIONAL SESSION (Morning session)

a) Marks of the Movement

All throughout 2016 the morning session of our meetings focused on the theme “Marks of the Movement”. This is our response to the feeling many people have that the institutional nature of our Church has a deadening impact and inhibits us finding our way forward as congregations in a new era when what we once did no longer works.


…. and in table groups where responses to the two questions (see below) were jotted down on butchers paper.

We have chosen the idea of “Movement” as this picks up something of the dynamic of what Jesus called his disciples to. It also reflects the idea that we are seeking to move into a new way of being church.

At our meeting Presbytery Minister (Mission & Education), Geoff Wellington, presented a three line summary of our previous conversations around “What does this ‘Movement’ look like?”. Continue reading

FED @ Kippax 3 July

FED – Formation, Education, Discipleship

Fed@Kippax poster 2

Craig Mitchell, UCA Assembly FED National Director

How do faith communities foster lifelong growth in faith and discipleship?

Learning together
‘FED stories’ is an initiative of the UCA Assembly to foster conversation about formation, education and discipleship across the Uniting Church. Based loosely on the well-known ‘TED Talks’, ‘FED stories’ are gatherings where participants learn from each other’s experiences and experiments – from long-held wisdom and risk-taking adventure.

Craig Mitchell, National Director of FED, invites you to be part of a morning together at Kippax Uniting Community Centre, cnr Hardwick Cres and Luke St, Holt, on Thursday 3 July 9.30am-12.30pm. Flyers can be downloaded here and here.

To register: ring Hannah Dungan on 0422 628 028 or email hannah[at]

Who are the speakers?anne ryan Jennifer FEDFed@Kippax poster 2 HannahDungan
FED@Kippax is drawing on three excellent local speakers, and will have the wisdom of the new National Director in Formation Education and Discipleship.

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Blue Christmas Services

Your local Uniting Church, or another church, may be holding a Blue Christmas Service at this time of year.

Blue Christmas offers people the opportunity to grieve for those who are not around, and then move on in what ever way is appropriate for the Christmas that they can share with those around them.

If no-where else is available, Kippax Uniting Church, cnr Hardwick Crescent and Luke Street, Holt ACT, is having a Blue Christmas Service at 8pm, Wednesday 12 December 2012.

Midlife momentum

Mobilising a generation of people for greater impact in the Kingdom of God.

Wesley Uniting Church,
National Circuit Forrest ACT
Sunday 14 October, 2 to 4 pm
with Dr Holly Schut, Director of Midlife Momentum

Midlife Momentum is a ministry designed to aid individuals who are age 40 and beyond to live with God-given purpose and power.

In the last 90 years God has added 30 years to the average life span. 700,000 women are widowed each year, and are widows an average of 14 years. In 1998, if you reached age 65, statistically you could expect to live to 84+. Suicide rates for men in retirement are second only to teenagers. Boomers are coming of age and dealing with midlife and retirement issues.

Midlife Momentum provides a process of life reflection exercises to increase awareness of how God’s grace has been at work throughout our lives, preparing us for the next season of living into God’s purposes and plans. The process fosters openness to the movement of the Spirit, listening for the new things God wants to do in and through us, and it allows us to more fully become who God created us to be.

About Holly Schut

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Eric Elnes in Canberra

Canberra Region Presbytery is partnering with Kippax Uniting Church and St James Uniting Church to host three events with Eric Elnes, Tuesday and Wednesday October 2 and 3, 2012. These are:

On Faith Online. Interactive. Transcending Traditional Worship with Darkwood Brew Tuesday Evening October 2, St James Uniting Church, 40 Gillies St, Curtin, ACT 7.30 – 9.30 pm. Cost $10  Eric introduces Darkwood Brew, a renegade exploration of Christian practice for the emerging faith of our world today. Blend ancient liturgical and spiritual practices (like lectio divine) with contemporary interactive technology (like Twitter and Skype), add some world-class music, arts, biblical scholarship,and special guests from around the globe (via Skype)and you have Darkwood Brew. Click here for more.

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