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This is a trial blog and website to provide a starting point for resources that will assist all people to explore faith.

NSW/ACT Synod Resources: and


  • Go to the following Resources link on the NSW/ACT Synod website:
  • Songs and a mixer to change volume, speed etc of music files which are “midi files” are available on  Contact Geoff Wellington (Presb Minister Mission & Education) for access available to UC congregations. He is available on 6248 9311 (Presbytery office) mobile 0400 831 445 or email presbyterymande[at]

Uniting Church books, baptism certificates etc

These can be purchased directly from Mediacom Education Inc: 1800 811 311.

The Canberra Region Presbytery Office keeps stocks of the following for purchase by its congregations/ministry agents.

  • Uniting Church Constitution and Regulations 2015 which includes the Basis of Union, plus CD, $49. It includes alternative regulations for Korean Congregations, Code of Ethics and the Manual for Meetings.
  • Andrew Dutney Backyard theology: conversation starters on faith, life and leadership. $17
  • Andrew Dutney Introducing the Uniting Church in Australia. (Also available in Korean.) This booklet’s first chapter asks “what were they thinking”; its final chapter asks “what are you thinking?” with questions for thought and discussion. $10
  • Andrew Dutney Where did the joy come from? Revisiting the Basis of Union. A voyage of rediscovery as Andrew revisits the Basis of Union and uncovers the joy and excitement of the days when the Uniting Church in Australia was new. He believes that the Basis has freshness and vision for our time, challenging us to think again about the nature of the church and the call to mission. $14
  • Keith Rowe Living with the neighbour who is different: Christian faith in a multi religious world. What does it mean to be a follower of Christ and a member of His church in a society of many faiths? $8.50
  • Theology for pilgrims: selected theological documents of the Uniting church in Australia edited by Rob Bos and Geoff Thompson.This book contains an edited selection of theological documents and discussion papers which answer questions beginning with “What, How, Why” – eg “What does the Uniting Church say about Jesus Christ?” It is aimed at helping members, ministers and leaders deepen their understanding of the Uniting Church’s emerging theological tradition. $70
  • Uniting in Worship 2 + CD-ROM which contains a PDF and Word document of the full book, and Easter Vigil DVD. Published by the Uniting Church Assembly. $90 Please note: Communion, Marriage and Baptism services from “Uniting in Worship 2” are also available in three separate booklets (see below)
  • Worship resources: Life Overflowing prepared for the 13th triennial Assembly meeting 2012 by songwriters, poets and liturgists who gathered together with Rev Prof Andrew Dutney in 2011. $10
  • DVD  – from the Uniting Church in Australia Queensland Synod. Faith stories: a short group based course aiming to equip and encourage Christians to grow and share their faith. $20
  • Baptism This baptism service is taken from “Uniting in Worship 2”. $7.50
  • Kath D Pearson Baptism and our children: a booklet to give to parents. $3.50
  • Baptism certificates are available for $2 each or 10 for $15 and also Thanksgiving and naming of a child certificates $2
  • Baptism follow up cards pack of 5 with envelopes $16.50
  • Holy Communion incorporating liturgical material in “Uniting in Worship 2” $11
  • Marriage Service taken from “Uniting in Worship 2” $7.50
  • Funeral Service taken from “Uniting in Worship 2” $11.00

Place An Order

Send a book order through to the Canberra Region Presbytery office using the form below or order direct from Mediacom Education:

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