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Presbytery News was renamed Perspective in May 2012 and is produced by the Presbytery of Canberra Region in February, May, August and November to coincide with the Presbytery meeting.

From 2014, each issue of Perspective will focus on the theme for the next Presbytery meeting. Articles will be the presentations which form the basis of discussion at the Presbytery meeting morning sessions, so that all members of congregations and agencies can be aware of the broader issues affecting our Presbytery and what is being discussed in relation to these issues. (see also the role of e-magazine reVISION below). Snippets and stories of what God is doing in your congregation are always welcome, along with high resolution photos where possible.

This is an email magazine which we distribute to Church Councils and Presbytery representatives following Presbytery meetings. reVISION provides a summary of the responses from individuals and table groups who attended the morning session presentations and took part in the discussion and other follow-up material. There is an invitation to Church Councils to send Presbytery office staff their responses to the table conversations reported in reVISION.

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