Apart from the formal responsibilities as listed below and in the UCA Regulations (3.6.2) the Chairperson plays an important role, with the two Presbytery Minsters, in helping to set the tone for the Presbytery. Participating in the formal duties in such a way as to nurture and encourage the mission and ministry of the congregations is an important contribution that can be made by the Chairperson.

Formal responsibilities:
a) Constituting, presiding over and generally directing the business of the meetings of Presbytery and Standing Committee.

b) Formal services such as ordinations, inductions and closures of ministry are the responsibility of the chairperson.

c) Representing the Presbytery at formal events and, where required, at Joint Presbytery meetings.

The Chairperson meets with the Deputy(ies), PRC Chairperson and the Presbytery Ministers on regular basis to ensure ongoing oversight of Presbytery business and particularly the work of the two Presbytery Ministers.

The Chairperson may be elected for a term up to five years. Normally our Presbytery appoints the Chairperson for smaller lengths of time.

Deputy Chairperson(s)
The Deputy(ies) act on behalf of the Presbytery when the Chairperson is not available.

The Presbytery shall appoint a treasurer for such period up to five years as the Presbytery shall determine.

The treasurer shall receive all moneys on behalf of the Presbytery and pay them into a bank account of an approved financial institution, keep proper books of account and furnish financial statements to the Presbytery at the end of each year and at such other times as the Presbytery may require.

The retiring treasurer shall be eligible for re-election for a further term of office up to a maximum of ten consecutive years.

Pastoral Relations Chairperson
The Presbytery shall appoint one of its members to chair the Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC).

The Pastoral Relations Chairperson works closely with the Presbytery Minister (Pastoral & Admin) with respect to the agenda and conduct of the PRC meeting.

Where possible the PRC Chairperson meets with Presbytery Chairperson, Deputy(ies) and Presbytery Ministers as a means of ensuring all matters before PRC and the Presbytery are being managed appropriately.

Continuing Education Registrar
The Continuing Education Registrar shall be appointed annually.

The responsibilities of the Registrar

(i) encourage ministers to form and lodge a learning plan and, where necessary, be available to assist ministers in developing their plan.

(ii) provide a mechanism of evaluation and revision.

(iii) communicate opportunities and suggestions for continuing education to ministers in placement.

(iv) liaise with the Synod Director of Continuing Education

(v) assist with applications to appropriate bodies on grants for continuing education.

(vi) report annually to the PRC on the status of ministers learning plans.

Synod Advisory Committee on Ministry Placements (ACOMP)
Presbytery appoints one person and an alternate to be part of this Synod Committee.

This person attends the bi-monthly meeting which makes recommendations with respect to matching available ministers and vacant ministry placements.

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