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Welcome to the Canberra Presbytery Pastoral carer’s page. Jean Shannon, hospital chaplaincy team leader, is using this page to make announcements about training and other events happening in the region. Jean will be encouraging colleagues and volunteers to use this online space to exchange information and resources with others working or volunteering in pastoral care around the region.[mappress mapid=”42″]

St. Paul spoke of our being ‘NEW creatures in Christ’. Everything manufactured or created needs maintenance. Hospital administration, rules, staff, and medical systems all change. So do our congregations, including the congregations’ perspective of and support for pastoral care, and the carers themselves.

We’re sure each active and healthy Uniting Church congregation seeks to provide stability, inspiration, and a healing stance to its volunteers, members, and constituents. Over the years, many find themselves in hospital. As patients are admitted and discharged, so Pastoral Carers themselves encounter ageing and deal with stressors. Who looks after them, and how can we better help them fulfil these important needs? What are some new options?

It is important for the future development of our region that we know how many people are out there volunteering as pastoral carers and what they want in terms of support and development.

We are looking for ways to reinvigorate support for current pastoral carers and encourage young people and recently retired or about-to-retire people to become involved so that our communities can continue to care for each other into the future.


Jean Shannon, Presbytery Hospital Chaplaincy Leader
Email: jshannon at
Telephone: 02 6244 3768

We invite you to help us collect information on existing services and potential for future development. This is also an opportunity to put your hand up if you are considering becoming involved in pastoral care in your congregation or in the wider Canberra region.

Training Opportunities

We would like to know what kind of training or support you would like.
For example, would you enjoy:

‘¢ 1/3 or ½ day seminars to up-skill or practice skills in a safe environment?
‘¢ Opportunities to meet other people volunteering in similar roles?
‘¢ Opportunities to hear how others do it or how pastoral care is done in other places?
‘¢ Internet or other resources?
‘¢ A pastoral care reading list and/or book clubs?

What else is needed?

Once we get feedback from Pastoral Carers, we will tailor activities to meet their needs. These will be announced in this space.


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