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Here at UnitingWorld we believe that life is richer, fuller and more truly human when we reach beyond ourselves and work together with our global neighbours.  Right now, we’re running our End of Year Tax Appeal and thanks to our partnership with the Australian Government, tax-time donations can go up to six times further in ending poverty.
For every $5 we receive in Australian Aid funding, we first need to raise $1.
Arrange a speaker at your church: If you would like to learn more about the hard-working communities we support in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, India, West Timor and Zimbabwe, please contact HowardC@unitingworld.org.au to arrange a speaker at your church.

Gospel Service at Moruya

Soprano, Fiona Jones

Next one – November!

On the weekend of the 19th and 20th May the town of Moruya celebrated the River Of Art. As part of this Moruya Uniting Church held a Gospel church service.

Well the Gospel Service went off on the morning of 20th May and it was a ripper! Kay’s sermon on prayer was half as long as the one at the big wedding the night before and twice as good.

Congratulations and thanks to Kay Killick for putting together such good group and individual set of support acts and leading the service.
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Co-Chair Vanessa’s prayer of blessing at Parliament House

On 9 May 2018 Vanessa Crimmins, Canberra Region Presbytery Co-Chair, attended the 30th Anniversary celebrations of the opening of Parliament House, representing the NSW/ACT Synod Moderator, Rev Simon Hansford.

Faith leaders were invited to give the final prayer of blessing, having a minute each. Vanessa gave the following prayer of blessing from the Uniting Church.

“I pay my respects to the Ngunnawal people on whose land Parliament House sits and honour past, present and future elders. May we always have a heart to hear the wisdom of our First Peoples, who have cultivated and respected this land for more than 60,000 years.
I was blessed to work in this grand building of great beauty and was struck by the glorious aesthetics of the often small details of its design. I pay tribute to all who brought it to fruition, including the Hon Malcolm Fraser for his determined vision, and those who maintain it.
I loved this building and it loved me back. It still does.
Love is all powerful. Greater than fear, the lust for power, and contention.
Jesus commands us to love God and our neighbour as ourselves. Love is above all. It makes straight the path and fosters unity which this nation once knew and now craves.
Living God, please nurture and encourage all who work here to live with love and kindness and to respect one another in the face of diversity and difference.
May Australia be known for its unity, kindness, and compassion particularly for the stranger in the land.
Loving God, please bless all who serve in this House, and through them, the nation, now and forever.

South Woden Uniting Church and two community choirs

“Brian Triglone, founder, director/conductor of The Gospel Folk choir is a longtime member of South Woden Uniting Church and has been the instigator and supporter of so many community events throughout the Canberra Presbytery,” says Trish Cran from South Woden.

Brian recently stepped down from The Gospel Folk choir but continues to bring his professional skills as a musician, leader and music educator to the choir, Alchemy Chorus which he founded in 2016, based on the Giving Voice Chorus in Minnesota, USA. Alchemy Chorus caters for people living with a mild to moderate level of dementia, and their carers. Using the current model, Brian’s aim is to expand the choir to other regional centres. Read more here

This new venture is once again supported by a group of members of South Woden Uniting ChurchAlchemy Chorus will give a performance on 19 May at Weston Creek Uniting Church (South Woden’s sister church) and is supported by that community through free use of its facilities.

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