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Canberra Region Presbytery-Technology Training Launched for Congregations    

Since becoming Operations Manager for the Canberra Presbytery I have been approached by many congregations for assistance with developing websites and social media accounts. Congregations rightly identify that a way to increase member numbers and welcome the community to their church is to have a presence online. Importantly it is also a way they can reach out into their communities and tell the story of the transforming love of Jesus.

However many Congregations often don’t know where to start when setting up a website or moving into the area of developing a social media presence. In light of this  training courses have been developed to foster and support a network of passionate members across the Presbytery who are keen to both develop their skills and move into digital ministry that builds community.

With this under our wing we headed into our very first training day on the 4th October at St Columba’s in Braddon. The training session was fully booked with our consultant Steve having to extend our standard attendance numbers to cope with demand.

Attendees worked on a template which allowed them to design their congregation website to reflect their unique expression of faith and up and coming events.

Some of the feedback from the day included:

“The new website format is so user friendly”

“I’ve never designed content on a website before this was so easy”

“The trainer was very good, easy to follow”

“I built on my knowledge to upload podcasts, really helpful”

“Thanks Presbytery!”

With such a successful first session the team have plans to host training for Coastal and Country congregations and then back to Canberra for an additional session due to demand. The attendees from our first session are already planning an ongoing support group to share knowledge,ideas and challenges in fellowship. A fantastic result.

If your interested in joining any of the Coast, Capital or Country sessions drop me a line and we can let you know the venue and date.I hope to see you there.

Signing off for now, take care.


Attendees busy creating their website content