2 thoughts on “Liturgy Easter 1 April 16

  1. Really like what you wrote, Jean, in your reflection for the Easter season and how this gets us ready for the Long Slog (without a detailed instruction Manual.) I have a much deeper appreciation for those thoughts, having lived there in the southern hemisphere for a while.

    Please tell Aili I read about her inspirational determination to go on that walk so soon after her hip surgery.

    I remember our wonderings as a staff team about how it would all work out in the new offices, where all the chaplaincy volunteers would meet when gathering to plan their days (and would there be enough room and could we book the meeting rooms when we wanted them etc.?) so I imagine with building 3 still intact it gives a lot more room for such things – or did they close off the department’s “old” meeting room spaces already? Curious if there is still any pedestrian “traffic” in that hall where the Chapel is, with the clinical areas moved into new spaces? It sounds like plans for the “temporary” Chapel up on third floor near the atrium have been put on hold? -Cheers, Clair Hochstetler

    • Many thanks for your kind words. The new building is wonderful, bright and sunny. we have plenty of meeting rooms and don’t have to book the little ones we need for one-on-ones. we are getting a lot of exercise running back and forth but so are all the allied health professionals and we are building relationships with them. The hallway of building 3 is just as busy as ever as out patients have moved into 14A so there is far too much foot traffic past the chapel. We will clearly be there a while until funds are found to continue the redevelopment program for the whole hospital.

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