Canberra Hospital Chaplaincy

Hospital Chaplaincy in the
Canberra Region Presbytery

Uniting (formerly Uniting Care) funds a fulltime hospital chaplaincy position in the Canberra Region Presbytery.

Reverend Andrew Mead was appointed to this ministry in December 2018, relocating from the Hunter Valley to assume the role.
Andrew’s vocational passion is centred in the vision that ‘God is love’ (1John).
We show God’s unconditional love by caring for people in times of crisis, illness, grief or loss.
We do this by offering a compassionate, empathic, caring presence.
We join people in their pain and suffering, offering emotional support and deep listening – listening to the needs of the heart and of the soul.
The care we provide is entirely contingent on the needs of the patient – it may include prayer, holy communion, and scripture reading; for others there may be no obviously religious elements.

The World Health Organisation states,
“Patients and physicians have begun to realise the value of elements such as faith, hope and compassion in the healing process.
The value of such ‘spiritual’ elements in health and quality of life has led to research in this field in an attempt to move towards a more holistic view of health that includes a non-material dimension, emphasising the seamless connections between mind and body.” (World Health Organisation, 1998)

As the Uniting hospital chaplain, Andrew is part of the Spiritual Support Services team at The Canberra Hospital.
The team includes representatives of various Christian denominations as well as Buddhist, Muslim, Humanist, and others, united in the vision of providing the very best of spiritual care to patients, loved ones, and staff.

The Uniting hospital chaplaincy is offered as a ministry to the people of the Canberra Region Presbytery.
Andrew is available to visit members of congregations when it is difficult for their minister or pastoral care person to do so.
If any member of the Uniting Church has someone they care about in The Canberra Hospital, they are welcome to contact Andrew to ask him to visit.
All referrals are welcomed!
Phone 6244 3768.

Andrew’s qualifications include:
• Bachelor of Theology
• 2 Basic Units of Clinical Pastoral Education
• 1 Advanced Unit of Clinical Pastoral Education
• Acceptance into the NSW College of Clinical Pastoral Education’s Supervisor Training Programme

‘To listen to another person may be almost the greatest service that any human being performs for another.’

(Dietrich Bonhoeffer)