Youth Leadership Training Camp 18-20 May

Empowering Leaders of today and tomorrow

Where: Chittick Lodge, Bridges Road, Gerringong $75 inc food & bed

Registration closes 27TH APRIL 2018
Download flyer here. Download registration form here

The Illawarra Presbytery is running a second Youth Leadership Training Course on the weekend of 18th – 20th May, for youth between the ages of 16-25 who are in leadership positions within our Uniting Churches. They are extending an invitation to any youth in Canberra Region Presbytery who fits this target group. Enquiries: Kim Jones kimjones444[at]

Feedback on last year: Canberra Region Presbytery was invited last year also. Annette from Mount Dromedary has given us feedback:

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Pokémon GO and Uniting Churches

Pikachu on a beach. Look out, South Coast!

Pikachu on a beach. Look out, South Coast!

The UCA’s Victorian Synod magazine reports that numerous Uniting Churches there “have been transformed into Pokémon Gyms”, according to the VIC Moderator, Rev Sharon Hollis.

We are awaiting reports from Canberra and the region.

#1 – Kippax Uniting Church is reported to be a Gym (that has been ‘conquored’ already.)
#2 – Queanbeyan UC is also a ‘gym’.
#3 – Advice if your church becomes a Pokémon Gym.

Sleep in your car 3-9 August 2015

From Fusion Canberra

fusionHomelessness is a complex and little understood issue.  Did you know that 94% of those who are homeless aren’t living on the streets?  While it is good to know that these 94% aren’t on the streets, it means that the issue remains very much hidden.

Sleep in Your Car is all about shining a light on the issue of hidden youth homelessness.  So where are these people living?  They are in cars, caravans, accommodation services, friends couches, overcrowded dwellings and spare rooms.

Often people are homeless through no fault of their own… domestic violence, financial hardship, mental health conditions and many more reasons. We also know that if you are homeless during adolescence you are much more likely to be homeless later in life.

This is also why Fusion Australia are holding the event during national Homelessness Prevention Week 3-9th August ( to work alongside other great organisations and events working to ‘step up to end homelessness’.

What can you do to help?

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Things change; things stay the same.

Sunday 5 July 2015 marked a change at Kippax Uniting. Our youth music group has ended it’s official existence.

Rockin_BambiRockin’ Bambi was the name. It has had a few different members, one now in lecturing at the University of Papua New Guinea. And, that’s the point. The teens are now mid-20s. and, the few add-ons have a chance to make their own future.

2015-07-05 09.45.14So, back in 2004 a couple of determined and very musical teenagers suggested that we get our young musicians together and form a group. We did. It ended up with the name “Rocking Bambi” (that’s a story in itself). And it has been a great success for the past 11 years. This Sunday, we mark the official closure of “Bambi” and we celebrate the contributions of 30 people who have been part it in those years.

Beyond Festival 2-5 Oct 2015

beyond festivalThe former ‘Black Stump Festival’ run for many years in Sydney is changing format and relocating to Greenhills Centre, Cotter Road Canberra.

Beyond Festival, 2-5 October 2015, is a brand new event focusing on justice and genuine community.

The best musicians, artists, poets, educators, story tellers, painters and more are all coming together for one long weekend in Canberra to inspire, engage and equip.

This is a festival based on action … to find out more go to the website