Rev. Gordon Ramsay* kneading bread dough in a practical demonstration of Matthew 13:33, (30 Aug 2014).

Rev. Gordon Ramsay* kneading bread dough in a practical demonstration of Matthew 13:33, (30 Aug 2014).

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Kippax Uniting Church at Holt, ACT, has been studying the story of the yeast in the flour, as told in the Bible story in Matthew 13:33, during the whole month of August. This has been as a result of a period of discernment by the Church Council, and other committees at Kippax, that has culminated in the Annual General Meeting on 30 August 2014.

There is no radical change of direction for Kippax, but a realisation that we are a “community of communities” (individuals and families; groups, activities, and functions of our church and UnitingCare Kippax; community users of our facilities; etc) bound by the yeast of God’s love, like the flour in a loaf is ‘made’ by the yeast.

So August 2014 has been a time when yeast has been the topic of conversations amongst us, and a way of remembering our achievements and leavening the future, giving us a structure for how we approach the years ahead.

Note: * Rev. Gordon Ramsay is actually quite able to joke about his namesake, the chef. 🙂

Award for Presbytery News / Perspective

Brian Rope

Congratulations are in order.
Brian Rope has been hard at it for some years making Presbytery News / Perspective into a new magazine. This was recognised with a Bronze award for Most Improved Publication at the 2013 ARPA (the Australasian Religious Press Association) awards, presented on Saturday 7 September.
Perspective award ARPA 2013
Read Perspective online via the link at the top of the page.

Duncan Macleod and the San Fransisco air crash

Rev. Duncan Macleod
The Presbytery’s own Rev. Duncan Macleod flew into San Fransisco just minutes before the Asiana 777 air crash on Saturday 6 July 2013. (These two facts are probably un-related!)

Duncan was not in a position to see the crash. However, Duncan has reported that the airport was in a confused state for several hours.

The story will slowly evolve. See his blog post at, Landing in San Francisco.

Briony Griffiths UnitingCare ACT

Briony Griffiths (Bri) has recently commenced in the new Community Development Worker role for ACT. Engaged by UnitingCare NSW ACT, Briony will work in cooperation with congregations, the Presbytery, UnitingCare and local service networks to build on local community service initiatives and existing capacity and interests to secure effective and sustainable services.

Briony Griffiths

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