Presbytery meeting update August 2016


God’s Vision: Building God’s Kingdom on Earth Together.


“Hosts were lovely….nice food!!” – from meeting feedback. Thank you Canberra Korean.


The August Presbytery meeting was held in Canberra Korean Uniting Church, Reid ACT.IMAG0390

Canberra Region Presbytery is working with Coast and Mountain congregations to assist these congregations with their need to discern what God may be saying about their future ministry leadership. Following the business meeting, the rest of the day was spent exploring four ministry models as part of this long process. We expect to be using this approach in future work with other parts of the Presbytery.

As preparation prior to the Presbytery meeting, Presbytery reps were invited to re-read the Presbytery vision statement, to be reminded of three marks of the movement and to read the Basis of Union  paragraphs 13: Gifts and Ministries -18: The People of God on the Way. (pp 25-29).

Geoff Wellington, Presbytery Minister for Mission and Education, (photographed above with Rev Jang-won Seo) introduced the context and situation of the South and Coast congregations. He then provided, one at a time, a description of the four possible models for discussion; models that may also be useful for other congregations in the Presbytery. The four models are described here.

As a result of the discussion of these models there was a clear indication that we all need to move into the future in cooperative ways. The meeting recognised that changes to the capacities of congregations to pay for full-time ministry leadership makes old models unworkable. Similarly the changing place of the church in our society requires us all to consider different ways of being the church in the different regions of our Presbytery.

Below are more photos, the Presbytery staffing decision and advance notice of the Congregational Expo at our next meeting…

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Report – Canberra Region Presbytery meeting 14 May 2016

A report to the members of the UCA in the Canberra Region Presbytery on the recently held Presbytery Meeting hosted by Kippax Uniting Church – May 2016.


Much discussion from the floor….

1. EDUCATIONAL SESSION (Morning session)

a) Marks of the Movement

All throughout 2016 the morning session of our meetings focused on the theme “Marks of the Movement”. This is our response to the feeling many people have that the institutional nature of our Church has a deadening impact and inhibits us finding our way forward as congregations in a new era when what we once did no longer works.


…. and in table groups where responses to the two questions (see below) were jotted down on butchers paper.

We have chosen the idea of “Movement” as this picks up something of the dynamic of what Jesus called his disciples to. It also reflects the idea that we are seeking to move into a new way of being church.

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Canberra Region gathers at Cooma

P1030592The Presbytery meeting 13 February 2016 was held in St Andrew’s church hall in Cooma. Members of the Monaro Parish provided generous hospitality for the sixty or so Presbytery reps, ministry agents and visitors from the coast to the country areas of Canberra Region, who came along to participate in the morning gathering and afternoon meeting, some travelling from the early hours of the morning to get there on time.

P1030588The theme – marks of the movement: During 2015 the Presbytery conducted a well-being survey of our congregations using five marks of mission – 1. proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom 2. teaching, baptising and nurturing new believers 3. responding to human need in loving service 4. seeking to transform unjust structures in society 5. striving to safe guard the integrity of creation, sustaining and nurturing new life. Much of the discussion focussed on the well-being survey. Results of the survey were provided for each congregation via a USB memory stick for representatives to take back to their churches for discussion.

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CRP Regional Gatherings – Coastal, Northern, Central areas

Presbytery banner

During July and August Canberra Region Presbytery (CRP) held three regional gatherings for Church Council office bearers, ministry agents and lay leaders from each of our congregations.The gatherings were well attended with participants sharing the good things happening in their congregations along with their concerns, a frequent one being dwindling numbers.

Each gathering was an opportunity for congregations to:

a) get to know one another better and learn more of what is happening with and through our congregations,

b) build on the work being done through Presbytery meetings to ensure we are all on the same page,

c) ask questions of Presbytery and give feedback.

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