Canberra Region Meeting 3 March 2018

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Rev David Russell reminds us that the next meeting will be in MERIMBULA 26 May. See you there!

Presbytery members came from all over the region – some braving roadworks that closed access roads into Canberra – to gather at North Belconnen Uniting Church who graciously hosted our first Presbytery meeting of the year. Thank you North Belconnen for your welcome and hospitality.

As well as the business part of the meeting which Congregations’ Presbytery reps can fill you in on, there was information about some of NSW and ACT Synod’s projects which will involve us all:

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Be still and know… Presbytery meeting Nov 2017

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Alex Pringle (left) - his service to the Presbytery as Treasurer for the last 5 years is acknowledged with great appreciation

The meeting was held at the beautiful Greenhills Camp and Conference Centre. Thank you to the staff of Greenhills for your generous hospitality.

Our theme for the meeting was  “Discerning the movement” and table groups were asked to apply a rational, emotional and spiritual process of discernment – listening for the ‘still small voice’ in their response to each of four reports they had received and been encouraged to read prior to the meeting. The song, “Be still and know that I am God”, played in the background.

Discernment resources are available from:

  • The Faith Formation site here.
  • – a website that Rev Terence Corkin and a colleague have put together with a fresh post each week. Terence served 15 years as the General Secretary of the UCA Assembly and was responsible for running many large national meetings for the Uniting Church using its consensus based approach to decision making.

In our magazine, Perspective, which all congregations should have – a copy for each member – are … reports, glimpses of Presbytery featuring Reid/Canberra Korean, South Woden and O’Connor Churches, an article on the Adelaide Worship Conference plus feedback from some of our people who were members of Synod 2017 together with a summary of decisions and outcomes.

Copies of Ranjini Wickramaratne-Rebera’s book of bible studies, The Ordinary Times of Life, offers reflections for individual and group study – view here or contact the Presbytery office for copies – DONATIONS to help cover costs would be appreciated. A few copies have been given to each congregation.

Living at the edge of hope

Presbytery gathering 15 July 2017 – a brief overview 

Theme: Resourcing the movement

Guest Speaker: Rev Jane Fry, Acting General Secretary of Synod NSW.ACT

Presentation: The Pathways Project 

    • Jane spoke about the 40 year milestone reached since the formation of the Uniting Church and how we need to look ahead to the next 40 years. She spoke of the church living at the edge of hope. She asked how often does our managing the business get in the way of telling the gospel story.
    • As a means of focusing on mission, Synod has been developing the Pathways Project to empower mission in its congregations and presbyteries. The focus is on congregations sharing their stories from which we can celebrate and build upon our strengths. 
    • This project and its sub-project Stepping Stones is being piloted in two NSW presbyteries. To learn more please go to the Pathways link where questions are answered and there are helpful links to help us reflect on where we have come from and who we are called to be. 
    • Pathways Consultation Process – four questions were asked of those at this Presbytery meeting and the responses will be shared via email with all Presbytery members.

Perspective – sharing stories  While on the subject of congregations sharing stories, this Presbytery would welcome such stories in its next issues of Perspective for encouragement and to help us build on our strengths as the Pathways project link explains. Provide a paragraph or two with photo/s for the page: Glimpses of Presbytery. Or tell us a longer story – no more than 300 to 600 words – plus photos, high-resolution if possible. Email to . The current Perspective is available in your church foyers or can be downloaded here and will give you more on the theme, “resourcing the movement”.

See a photo gallery and find out about other presentations at the Presbytery gathering. 

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UCA 40th birthday – this week pray for Refugees

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1.Reimagining congregations – what might congregations look like into the future 2. Innovation; entrepreneurship; social enterprises 3. interface between service delivery & congregations

40 years The Uniting Church in Australia is celebrating 40 years as a uniquely Australian church. At our inauguration service on Wednesday 22 June 1977 the first President Rev. Dr Davis McCaughey, the primary author of our Basis of Union, remarked that church union ‘meant absolutely nothing, unless it drives us back to the fundamental questions – where do you come from, where are you going, and who are you?’ “Are you and I prepared to find our bearings afresh?” asked McCaughey, as he urged the 1977 faithful on a new pilgrimage, to engage the world through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the outpouring of his spirit.

40 days Our leaders are marking the occasion with 40 days of prayer up until our historic inauguration date, from Sunday 14 May to Thursday 22 June ending with a prayer for our 40th anniversary since inauguration.

Pray for Refugee Week 2017 This sixth and final week of the 40 Days of Prayer is from Monday 19 June to Thursday 22 June coinciding with Refugee Week. Clicking the image on the left will take you to the Uniting Church in Australia Statement on Asylum Seeker and Refugee Policy. More resources are here including the address from Assembly President, Stuart McMillan.