Co-Chair Vanessa’s prayer of blessing at Parliament House

On 9 May 2018 Vanessa Crimmins, Canberra Region Presbytery Co-Chair, attended the 30th Anniversary celebrations of the opening of Parliament House, representing the NSW/ACT Synod Moderator, Rev Simon Hansford.

Faith leaders were invited to give the final prayer of blessing, having a minute each. Vanessa gave the following prayer of blessing from the Uniting Church.

“I pay my respects to the Ngunnawal people on whose land Parliament House sits and honour past, present and future elders. May we always have a heart to hear the wisdom of our First Peoples, who have cultivated and respected this land for more than 60,000 years.
I was blessed to work in this grand building of great beauty and was struck by the glorious aesthetics of the often small details of its design. I pay tribute to all who brought it to fruition, including the Hon Malcolm Fraser for his determined vision, and those who maintain it.
I loved this building and it loved me back. It still does.
Love is all powerful. Greater than fear, the lust for power, and contention.
Jesus commands us to love God and our neighbour as ourselves. Love is above all. It makes straight the path and fosters unity which this nation once knew and now craves.
Living God, please nurture and encourage all who work here to live with love and kindness and to respect one another in the face of diversity and difference.
May Australia be known for its unity, kindness, and compassion particularly for the stranger in the land.
Loving God, please bless all who serve in this House, and through them, the nation, now and forever.

Bombala Uniting Church building closes

A service of closure was conducted on Sunday 18th March by Presbytery Co-Chair, John Williams, at the historic Bombala Uniting Church, formally Methodist Church, 57 Maybe Street Bombala. This was just prior to a special Service of worship at Currawarna, where the Bombala congregation of the Uniting Church will continue with monthly services. John has shared some photos taken on the day.

IMG_20180318_125200 IMG_20180318_161934 IMG_20180318_141224

Special thanks go to:

  • Geoff Percival (Chair of Cooma Church Council) who worked behind the scenes to pull all the organisation together so that the Bombala story happened on the day,
  • Kay Coates (holding the Christ candle) and Robyn Wrenford (holding the 1873 Bible) who spent hours cleaning up the church for the closure ceremonies,
  • The contingent of some ten people from Cooma who provided support –  the first image in the slideshow above shows them having a coffee and lunch together in Bombala prior to the ceremonies.

Bombala Methodist Church


Some history: This is an early image of the old church which opened its doors in 1873. Items have been salvaged and will appear in the Chapel at Currawarna.

A record of the 70th anniversary of Methodism in Bombala and the opening of the church in 1873 can be read below.

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Tathra bushfire update

John Williams, Canberra Region Presbytery Co-Chairperson, visited Tathra last weekend (25th March).

IMG_20180324_160112 IMG_20180325_081510 IMG_20180325_081439 IMG_20180325_081129 IMG_20180325_081100
Clothing and bedding inside for distribution

Tathra Uniting Church was not impacted by fire but in one picture you can see a spot fire came within a metre of the fence. The church received lots of donated bedding, clothing and emergency items which folk stored, sorted and distributed. The photos show a notice on the front window and clothing and bedding laid out in the church.

Practical Support options
The best support apart from prayer is financial. Please do not send goods.

Bega Mayoral Appeal Fund 

UCA Moderator’s Fund 

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Rev Noreen Towers to speak at Gathering

www.centralwesterndaily. helping-hand-noreen-towers/

The 41st Annual Canberra Region Presbytery Adult Fellowship Gathering will be held at Braidwood Uniting Church, 64 Monkittee St, Braidwood on Saturday 7 April 2018 at 9.30am for morning tea – the program for the day will conclude by mid afternoon.

The Guest Speaker is Rev Noreen Towers speaking on ‘This is My Story’. Nobody can tell your story better than you.

Noreen is quite possibly well known to many people. She trained as a Methodist Deaconess with her first appointment at Liverpool in 1963-64. Then followed forty years in ministry to homeless people at Wesley Mission. The book, No Fixed Address, written by Margaret Reeson documents this story.

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Emergency: Prayer for the people of Tonga

last week Tropical Cyclone Gita devastated communities across Tonga.

Prayer request from Act for Peace –  the international aid agency of the National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA). 

Please feel free to share this email and the following prayer points with your congregation.

We pray for:

  • Our brothers and sisters in Tonga and those across the Pacific whose lives have been devastated by Cyclone Gita.
  • The tens of thousands of people who have lost homes, livestock and crops. That they will find protection, and have access to clean water, food and shelter.
  • Act for Peace and the Tonga National Council of Churches as they provide emergency assistance to those in need.
  • Our Pacific neighbours as they begin the process of rebuilding their lives over the next few months.
  • All who have been affected. We ask that they know God’s peace, love and hope as they grieve and start the process of rebuilding their lives.

Donate here.

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