Rev. Gordon Ramsay* kneading bread dough in a practical demonstration of Matthew 13:33, (30 Aug 2014).

Rev. Gordon Ramsay* kneading bread dough in a practical demonstration of Matthew 13:33, (30 Aug 2014).

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Kippax Uniting Church at Holt, ACT, has been studying the story of the yeast in the flour, as told in the Bible story in Matthew 13:33, during the whole month of August. This has been as a result of a period of discernment by the Church Council, and other committees at Kippax, that has culminated in the Annual General Meeting on 30 August 2014.

There is no radical change of direction for Kippax, but a realisation that we are a “community of communities” (individuals and families; groups, activities, and functions of our church and UnitingCare Kippax; community users of our facilities; etc) bound by the yeast of God’s love, like the flour in a loaf is ‘made’ by the yeast.

So August 2014 has been a time when yeast has been the topic of conversations amongst us, and a way of remembering our achievements and leavening the future, giving us a structure for how we approach the years ahead.

Note: * Rev. Gordon Ramsay is actually quite able to joke about his namesake, the chef. šŸ™‚

“Christ is risen!” … “He is risen indeed!”

A traditional greeting between Christians on Easter Day is:

Christ is risen!

He is risen indeed!

Christ does not die and return to life each year. However, during the cycle of the year, and years, Christians continue the annual celebration of the historical events.

He is risen indeed!

It’s time for chocolate, with the egg as a symbol of new life.

Greenhills Memories and Thanks

Ten years after the devastating fires of January 2003, Greenhills Camp & Conference Centre hosted a service of commemoration and thanksgiving. Led by Presbytery chairperson Alistair Christie, the service provided an opportunity for over 100 people to recall the impact of the fires on Greenhills and the suburbs of Canberra, and to give thanks for the effort of firefighters and volunteers during and after the fires. Friends of Greenhills, members of Weston Creek Uniting Church and members of the Chain Reaction creative arts team were joined by Canberra leaders such as Chief Minister Katy Gallagher. The service included accounts of the firestorm from volunteer Cyril Tresize and Harold Small, then executive director of Greenhills. Clinton White from Weston Creek Uniting shared about the community spirit shown in the aftermath of the fires. Alan Ashley gave tribute to the original vision of Max Hill in developing the site for the future. People were invited to pluck a leaf from the gum branch at the front and immerse it in one of the bowls of water at the front.

Greenhills Fire Tree

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Canberra Fires 10th Anniversary Memorial

Ten years ago today Canberra and surrounding districts were responding to a devastating fire storm which had swept out of the Brindabella Ranges, through hinterlands and into suburbs such as Uriara Village, Duffy, Chapman, Rivett and Kambah. Over 300 people gathered today at the ACT Bushfire Memorial in Stromlo Forest Park a memorial service, remembering the four people who died, the people affected by the destruction of 500 homes, and the people who served the community in January 2003 and the months after. The Uniting Church was represented by Emergency Services chaplains Kerry Bartlett and Phil Anderson, and by youth creative arts team Chain Reaction. Greenhills Camp and Conference Centre will be hosting a service of remembrance and thanksgiving on Sunday January 20, at 11 am.

Canberra Fires Memorial Service

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