Pokémon GO and Uniting Churches

Pikachu on a beach. Look out, South Coast!

Pikachu on a beach. Look out, South Coast!

The UCA’s Victorian Synod magazine reports that numerous Uniting Churches there “have been transformed into Pokémon Gyms”, according to the VIC Moderator, Rev Sharon Hollis.

We are awaiting reports from Canberra and the region.

#1 – Kippax Uniting Church is reported to be a Gym (that has been ‘conquored’ already.)
#2 – Queanbeyan UC is also a ‘gym’.
#3 – Advice if your church becomes a Pokémon Gym.

Did You Know… (Valentine’s Day edition)

Valentine’s Day as it is observed today is quite different from the person(s) and story(ies) of former years.

Saint Valentine baptizing Saint Lucilla, by Jacopo Bassano

The day was the feast day of Saint Valentine (Valentinus), a Roman-era priest/bishop who challenged the officials and indeed the Caesar/Emperor of his day (Claudius Gothicus aka Claudius II) . When he challenged Claudius to adopt Christianity, Claudius caused Valentinus to be beheaded, on 14 February.

So, the day is not about roses, or chocolate. The day is more about honouring martyrs, people willing to “speak truth to power” and take the consequences.