This week is Spiritual Care Week – 21-27 October 2018

Spiritual Care Week is an opportunity to elicit and celebrate peoples’ sense of identity as they find meaning in belonging to a common humanity and particular cultures. The idea of sharing our preciousness as human beings has found its source in religious, philosophical and societal communities.

Spiritual Care Week was once called Pastoral Care Week but recently has changed its name to recognise that spiritual care is so much more than religion. The COMISS Network: The Network on Ministry in Specialized Settings has hosted this week of celebration since October 1985. It is now being adapted and adopted across the world.

Celebrating Spiritual Care Week provides an opportunity for everyone to recognise what they do to contribute and listen to others, especially allowing Chaplains and Pastoral Practitioners to share their story and to celebrate their services.

Each year a new theme brings to the light a certain aspect of spiritual care as a focus. A new theme invites us to new and creative ways to tell the story of spiritual care.

This year’s theme

The theme for Spiritual Care Week in 2018 is “Hospitality- cultivating time”.The COMISS Network described the reason behind the theme:

“Cultivating and nurturing time is a challenge in an age of instantaneous communication and multiple sources of connection. Human presence flows back and forth – it takes time for mutuality and trust to develop. Cultivating time conveys to the recipient a treasuring of them as a person no matter what they are going through. We hope that this year you might appreciate even more the time taken in spiritual care which conveys preciousness and healing at every stage of life.”

Get Involved

There are many ways individuals and congregations might get involved. Resources are available at