South Woden Uniting Church and two community choirs

“Brian Triglone, founder, director/conductor of The Gospel Folk choir is a longtime member of South Woden Uniting Church and has been the instigator and supporter of so many community events throughout the Canberra Presbytery,” says Trish Cran from South Woden.

Brian recently stepped down from The Gospel Folk choir but continues to bring his professional skills as a musician, leader and music educator to the choir, Alchemy Chorus which he founded in 2016, based on the Giving Voice Chorus in Minnesota, USA. Alchemy Chorus caters for people living with a mild to moderate level of dementia, and their carers. Using the current model, Brian’s aim is to expand the choir to other regional centres. Read more here

This new venture is once again supported by a group of members of South Woden Uniting ChurchAlchemy Chorus will give a performance on 19 May at Weston Creek Uniting Church (South Woden’s sister church) and is supported by that community through free use of its facilities.

A night to remember – below is an extract from the report of Brian’s farewell from The Gospel Folk Choir, “A night to remember”, which can be downloaded here.

There were speeches and music and singing, stories and laughter and a few tears. More than 120 people travelled from near and far to the Southern Cross Club on Wednesday 21 March to say thanks and farewell to Brian Triglone as he stepped down from the director/conductor box of The Gospel Folk choir after 15 years of committed, enthusiastic and voluntary leadership. Giving back to the community has been a key feature of The Gospel Folk.

The choir has maintained a strong membership of a dozen members of South Woden Uniting Church over the years and performances have annually supported community events at Yarralumla and Curtin [St James} Uniting Churches, in addition to the Pearce carols. Brian claims that his musical skills are largely self-taught and that he owes his passion for music to his mum and the Wesley hymn tradition.