Social Justice Sunday: 30 September 2018

Evan Mann, Presbytery Social Justice Group, writes:

The 5th Sunday in September is recognised in many churches as Social Justice Sunday.  It reminds us that there are social and community dimensions to our Christian faith. Each year there is a recommended theme – for example last year it was “developing an inclusive and sustainable economy” and themes in earlier years have included “justice for asylum seekers and refugees” and “building bridges, not walls, in our prison system”.

In 2018 the recommended theme is “A Place to Call Home: making a home for everyone in our land”  which  challenges us to confront Australia’s growing problems of homelessness and unaffordable housing. You will find material to help prepare a service for this theme at the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council website (some is still in preparation):

More material on homelessness and affordable housing is at   (a national campaign in which Uniting is involved)

Information about the situation in the ACT is at  and about Safe Shelter:

Another possible theme for Social Justice Sunday would be drug law reform to coincide with Uniting’s campaign #FairTreatment which kicks off in Canberra on 19 September at the PlayHouse with A Drug Policy Conversation with Johann Hari.

Presbytery Social Justice Group (For more information )