Anti-Poverty Week starts Sunday – 14-20 October 2018

The ACT theme this year is “together creating pathways out of poverty”.

We want to raise awareness about how our decisions, in our own lives, in our families, in our workplaces, those of businesses, community organisations and governments all can impact on how well people cope when they face poverty.

Our decisions have consequences for our communities when they hit the crossroads and can exacerbate or create real poverty traps, or they can avoid those traps and enable people to build healthy independent lives. Our focus is on both domestic and international poverty.

We need to strengthen the protective factors that provide safeguards and options for people to avoid poverty when they are at the crossroads, and enable access to skills, resources and networks so people don’t get trapped in poverty if it does occur and can get out as quickly as possible without significant suffering. Churches have offer vital supports that safeguard in this way – from social inclusion, emergency relief, links to services, and Safe Shelters.

Why not have a special service this Sunday 14 October to discuss the ways that your Church community supports those whose lives are touched by poverty?

Resources and a film titled Together Creating Pathways out of Poverty are available for you to use. Please contact Briony Griffiths, asap to get access.

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