Recognition of first nations

Tent Embassy Rally 22-24 June 2017

The following is a statement sent to us by Kippax Uniting Church – ways to help with the Rally are towards the end of the statement:

It is becoming clear that there are two ways of recognising the Indigenous peoples of Australia and the Torres Strait. One is by way of the proposed changes to the Constitution sponsored by the Australian Government. The second is the long-called-for Treaty between the First Nations and what was then the British occupiers and is now the Australian Government.

Australia is one of the few colonial powers that did not negotiate a treaty with the people of the land. Many indigenous people, holding fast to their traditional law, do not accept the legitimacy of the power forced upon their lives since 1788. To them recognition in the Constitution is no more than a fig leaf covering that naked power. Until a Treaty is negotiated they will continue to fly their own flags.

From Thursday to Saturday (22-24 June) the Tent Embassy is hosting a Rally to make their voices heard. Lawrence Coghlan and Roger Reid of Kippax Uniting met with the Rally Organizer last Wednesday to offer support.

One easy means is by joining Roger in buying a truckload of firewood. $50 or $100 dollar shares will make Canberra winter mornings and evenings easier for campers.

You may like to offer to billet an older couple who find camping difficult. Please ring Roger with your offer at 0448 990 125. Kippax Uniting Care is also providing support.