Latest Perspective: Marks of the movement

160213 Perspective_coverPerspective, Summer 2016, is now available.

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Our feature article – Eurobodalla soldiers on – is from Kay Killick, Bateman’s Bay. Pastor Don Hobbs tells us about Braidwood’s visit to PNG during the Christmas break and we have a Presbytery profile – Riana Kok – who last year began her placement as Minister at Yarralumla.

Articles from Chairperson: Vanessa Crimmins, Presbytery Ministers: Geoff Wellington and Kevin Dilks and Uniting Community Development Coordinator: Bri Griffiths, relate to the theme of our February Canberra Region Presbytery meeting “Marks of the movement”.

  • Vanessa illustrates kindness with a heart-warming story of a recent experience.
  • Geoff speaks about the health and wellbeing of congregations which we will be focussing on this year.
  • Kevin refers to the Vision statement  (see below) shared in the last issue of Perspective, as being predominantly about character
  • Bri speaks of 2016 as a year when we will further explore how, as a church community, we can consciously and deliberately shape our communities to be a truly civil society of equity, kindness and respect (referring to the 2013 Canberra Community Development Forum). Please contact Bri email bgriffiths[at] if you are interested in attending The Canberra Region Presbytery Community Development Forum 2016: Truly civil society – Equity, Kindness and Respect on 4 June 2016.
  • our much appreciated regular feature writer, Jean Shannon, writes of her experience as Hospital Chaplaincy Coordinator on “Not the road less travelled”

So don’t forget to pick up your copy or, if you prefer, read it online here.  And if you want to be reminded of the complete Vision statement Kevin refers to, here it is:


Canberra Region Presbytery seeks to be a Presbytery in which:

a. Know they are appreciated and valued as the first line of the mission of Christ in the Community;
b. Are encouraged to seek the signs of the Spirit within them, calling them to authentic Christian community and mission that is appropriate to their context;
c. Recognise they are part of a larger whole that is not a threat to them.

Ministry Agents
a. Know they are appreciated and valued in their roles with congregations;
b. Are encouraged to offer and receive support with colleagues;
c. Recognise they have a key role in helping their congregations discover their authentic calling as Christ’s people

Presbytery Staff
a. Guide the Presbytery in considering future directions by looking for and responding to signs of the Spirit in timely and effective ways so as to “get on board” with what God might be doing in contexts we might not have expected;
b. Grow the confidence of ministry agents, lay members, congregations by being available and present to the needs and opportunities that emerge in our Presbytery;
c. Ensure that, in an age of increased compliance requirements, the decline in volunteer engagement does not hinder the effective business of the church.

The Presbytery
– is able to participate with other Presbyteries and the Synod as a whole in:
a. discovering the call of God on our Church; and
b. addressing the issues facing our church with transparency, trust and honesty.