Celebrating Congregations

A picnic and ‘expo’ followed the morning’s meeting of the Canberra Region Presbytery on Saturday 7 November 2015, hosted by Greenhills Camp and Conference Centre, ACT.

expo 2

As 2015 draws to a close the Canberra Region Presbytery celebrates the life of Congregations. Together we have much to give thanks to God for congregations as they worship, witness and serve.





The recent “congregational survey” shows that there are over 2000 people across our region that are connected to the Uniting Church. Those congregations on average run 8 different activities each. They range from worship and youth ministry to bible studies and prayer groups. Congregations are engaged in food and garden ministries, mission groups and social inclusion/support activities.

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soc just expo

Congregations value, are concerned about and have a passion for social justice, food ministries and helping others through op shops and other forms of aid.

As congregations they participate in the wider aspects of the life of the church and make a large contribution to things like the Christmas Bowl, Lent Event and Ecumenical events.


Congregations partner with a wide range of community groups and provide a valuable meeting place. They act as a catalyst for a range of groups like Men’s Shed’s, music groups and market days; along with social support and friendship around craft, play and drama groups. Sometimes these partnerships are tenants but often they are congregational initiatives and other times partnership arrangements.

Uniting Church Congregations across our region have an impact and make a difference in the society that we live. They do so because of the faith and hope they have in Jesus Christ and together we celebrate this faithful activity.

Geoff Wellington
Presbytery Minister (Mission and Education)

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  1. A good trial run of what should become one of the major showcases and sharing of congregational activities across the Presbytery. Photos and commentary are excellent Geoff.
    And isn’t Greenhills Centre a wonderful location!!

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