Goulburn Community Garden – an update

Goulburn Community Garden Goldsmith St Uniting Church Goulburn District Parish

Goulburn Community Garden
Goldsmith St Uniting Church
Goulburn District Parish

In late 2012 three friends had an idea to turn a rundown tennis court at Goulburn’s Wesley Centre (Goldsmith St Uniting Church) into a community garden. The current issue of ‘Perspective’ brings us up to date briefly with developments, with more information included here from the report by Alaine Cohen of the Interim Management Committee. Alaine also provided the photos.

During the last few months a great deal of fruitful activity has taken place at the Goulburn Community Garden. The number of garden members is now fifty and with many projects in the pipeline 2014 promises to be an exciting year. Michael Bligh, a local landscape architect has given his time to advise on how the projects can be brought together into a harmonious whole; each project adding to the overall design.
There is a perimeter bed project which includes an irrigation system to help maintain consistent watering for the trees & perennials. Funding for construction and planting was recently received from the Price Trust grant.


Disability and Sensory Beds

The Goulburn Worker’s Club has kindly provided funding for the construction of higher ‘disability’ and sensory beds. Included in this project are four high, square beds around a water feature. A 22,000 litre water tank has been ordered and is expected to be delivered at the end of January. One of Goulburn’s mosaic artists and some local ceramicists are interested in pooling their talents to design a garden themed mosaic for the water feature. This is a ‘watch this space’ project. Volunteers will be called for to help stick the stones & tiles on! Funding has recently been received from the Kenmore museum to purchase the pump for the water feature and some of the mosaic materials.

2014 is an exciting year for the garden and we are anticipating the completion of many of the above projects.

Alaine Cohen
Interim Management Committee