St James Community Concert for Pegasus ACT

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St James Uniting Church in Curtin saw a need to establish a Social Justice and Inclusiveness Group about four years ago because a growing awareness within the congregation of the importance of social justice in the life of the Church was not being matched by our actions. Our main activity of the past three years has been to raise funds for overseas development projects.

In 2013 the group decided to support a local cause. It found one in Pegasus ACT. Pegasus (Riding for the Disabled) is a local not-for-profit organisation which provides equestrian activities for people, especially children, with a disability. It was close to folding last year. It has managed to turn things around over the past 12 months but still needs more financial support to secure a longer term future.

To support Pegasus, the group will be hosting a community concert, with the emphasis on local community. Three musical groups who practice in the church hall during the week will be providing the entertainment, along with a local story-teller. And we will be sticking with the tradition of splendid church afternoon teas, with members of the congregation bringing a plate to help feed the audience and performers. We hope that the event raises funds and awareness about Pegasus; brings the local community together; and says something to the community about what St James stands for and acts upon.

From Evan Mann, St James Uniting Church, Social Justice and Inclusiveness Group

The concert is on Sunday October 13, 3pm until 5pm at St James Uniting Church Hall, 40 Gillies St Curtin. Tickets are $20/$15 or $60 for a family and includes afternoon tea.