Grace Uniting in Goulburn

The Canberra Region Presbytery is supporting the development of the new faith community/congregation in Goulburn, working with the local Uniting Church congregations to support new adventures in mission and ministry with people in the first third of life.

Last weekend the community had its first gathering under its new name – Grace Uniting Church (or Grace Community). As the minister, Aimee Kent, writes in the latest Perspective, the gathering marks a significant milestone for the new faith community project which, over the last twelve months, “has begun to make the transition from ‘networking and community engagement’ into ‘community gathering and development of worship’.”

For more photos see Facebook: Grace Uniting Church.

Aimee-DSC08972-300x200Aimee continues:

“In an experimental move, we have decided to gather for worship in a number of smaller communities each framed around common interest, mission or participant demographic. This decision has come partly from a theological belief that God is everywhere and in all things and thus we can worship God in many different ways, times and places; and partly from a belief that one of the things the Uniting Church as a whole does well, is gathering and nurturing people in small groups. It is hoped that each of these developing communities will find their own identity, style and mission, whilst also feeling a strong connection to the Faith Community as a whole.

Thus far we have five communities that have begun gathering regularly for worship and a couple of others who are exploring what their community life might look like: Outdoor Adventure Church, Messy Church, Christian Meditation (an ecumenical community with leadership being offered both by the Anglican and the Uniting Church Communities), The Den and Dinner Church.” [snippets can be read about the five communities in the latest Perspective or check out posts at]

“Last weekend marks a significant milestone for the project as, for the first time, each of these smaller faith communities has been invited to join together for a whole community celebration under the new name: Grace Uniting Church (often referred to as the Grace Community or just Grace). After being called the ‘New Faith Community’ for almost two years, it is an exciting juncture to be able to find identity in a new name. It speaks of our hope to be a community that welcomes people graciously; that continues to journey, grow and change with elegance and grace, even when things feel hard; and holds a quirky acronym capturing our emerging identity as the place to be part of ‘Goulburn’s Regional Alternative Church Experience’.

“Grace Uniting has grown and changed over the space of this year, both in it’s smaller communities and as a whole. It is this ongoing change and growth that we are embracing as together we explore how we would like to be the Uniting Church in Goulburn.

“For more information check out our webpage: or follow us on facebook: Grace Uniting Church.”

This is an extract from the article by Aimee Kent: Moving forward with Grace Perspective Vol 19:Issue 90 Spring 2013.