Sacraments Course in Cooma

Canberra Region Presbytery is hosting another four-day course on the sacraments of communion and baptism, at St. Andrew’s Uniting Church, Cooma, over two weekends in August and September 2012. Led by Anne Ryan, Duncan Macleod and Noel Williams, the course is designed for all interested people, including intending Lay Presiders and others with responsibility for sacraments in their local setting such as Church Councillors and elders.

Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion with Bible

Understanding the Sacraments is a four day course designed to enable lay people to engage with the theology and practice of the two sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, as seen by the Uniting Church in Australia. It is open to any interested lay person to attend, complete the assessment tasks, and gain a Certificate of Achievement.

Church Councils and Elders have particular responsibilities regarding sacraments, including consideration and approval of baptisms. How should we make these decisions? What is expected of the congregation? What do we expect of the baptised and/or their families? How do we treat infant and adult baptisms? What has happened to Confirmation? Communion is our common Christian meal, yet there seem to be lots of different practices and customs. Why? What do we need to consider in our local context?

The course also covers the topics listed in the Assembly Standing Committee’s guidelines concerning preparation for authorisation as a Lay Presider. Successful completion of the course with its assessment tasks is an important part of the process of authorisation used by the Presbytery.

Cost is $50 per person for the whole four day course, which provides printed handouts and other resources. Bring your own lunches. Morning and afternoon tea are supplied. Hours are 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday, and 9.30 am to 4.30 pm on Sunday.

Day 1 (August 4) Polity & Worship / Sacraments
Day 2 (August 5) Sacraments / Baptism
Day 3 (September 1) Baptism / Holy Communion
Day 4 (September 2) Holy Communion / Service Preparation

Register by Thursday July 26, 2012 with
Canberra Region Presbytery Office
PO Box 221, Canberra
Phone 02 6248 9311
office at
Phone Duncan Macleod 0439 828 718.

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  1. I was unable to attend the current sacrements course. Does Prtesbytery still have a correspondence course? or when and where is the next course planned. I’m in Goulburn

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