Keeping up to date with leadership development opportunities

The Canberra Region Presbytery of the Uniting Church in Australia is committed to resourcing and supporting Uniting Church members in their everyday living of the gospel. Read and share the third issue of the newsletter, Equip, (click HERE) on the openings available in the spring months of 2012 in the Canberra Region Presbytery ….

October 2, 3 Eric Elnes on 21st Century Church, St James & Kippax
October 10-13 Rural Ministry Inservice, Galong
October 14 Holly Schut on Midlife Momentum, Wesley
October 16 Jeff Aernie – Preaching/Teaching Year of Luke, Queanbeyan
October 16 Blessing Our Neighbours Mission Vision Night, Gungahlin
October 20 Jeff Aernie – Preaching/Teaching Year of Luke, Goulburn
November 9-11 Talanoa Oceania, City Church/Australian National University