Uniting Church Chapel service – Canberra Hospital

Canberra Hospital
A Uniting Church Chapel service has been established at the Canberra Hospital on Thursday mornings at 9:30.

Your help is needed in two ways:
1. When you have friends or family in the hospital, please let them know that there is a chapel service available. For those who cannot get to the chapel, bedside communion can be arranged. They need not miss out.
2. We are looking for volunteers to help with the service, setting up, greeting, making music and assisting with the service (serving, lighting candles, reading etc)

The service is from 9:30-10:00 (sometimes running to 10:10)and so you can be in and out in 45mins to 1 hour. There is plenty of parking in the multistory carpark (which is near the chapel) because it is before visiting hours. You’ll be out before it gets busy. Interested?

Please send the Chaplain an email at jshannon at netspeed.com.au or call the chaplaincy on 6244 3768 or 0418 213 073.