Ordination and Induction of Apelu Tielu


At the last meeting of the Presbytery it was determined, with great delight, that following a period of internship Apelu Tielu is ready for ordination as a Minister of the Word.

A warm invitation is extended to everyone in the Presbytery to attend his ordination service and to support Apelu on this happy occasion.

Rev Gordon Ramsay, Presbytery Chairperson will be officiating and Rev Janis Huggett will be the preacher. Clergy, this is an occasion when robing will be appropriate.

When: Saturday 16 July, commencing at 1.30pm
Where: Wesley Uniting Church, National Circuit, Forrest
The service will be followed by a time of fellowship and afternoon tea. If possible, it would assist the catering if local visitors could bring a plate. All contributions gratefully received.


Last year we celebrated a Service of Recognition for Apelu and now following his ordination on Saturday we are able to hold a Service of Induction into the Yass Parish on Sunday.

Again a warm invitation is extended to everyone to attend his Service of Induction and to support both Apelu and the Yass Parish as Apelu commences his journey with the congregations of Yass and Rye Park as a Minister of the Word.

When: Sunday 17 July, commencing at 10.30am
Where: St Andrews Uniting Church, Cliff Street, Yass