Mission Shaped Ministry Course

The Canberra Region is hosting “Mission Shaped Ministry”, a short, practical course for Christians who want to connect with people and find new ways of being church in a changing world. The course will be run over three weekends in July, September and November. People like Jesus but they can find church-life challenging. It’s as true today as it was in Paul’s day. He took the Message to the world and started fresh expressions for people who would never fit into synagogue life. Mission-shaped Ministry (MSM) is designed to equip us to go out to the people who will never come or settle into our churches.

Mission Shaped Ministry

MSM is no ordinary course. It combines interactive learning, ongoing coaching and teachers who are doing the stuff, not just talking about it. Prayer, worship and hospitality are woven together each day so that you can have the confidence to reach the people in your network, workplace or neighbourhood.

The course covers skill clusters needed by ordinary Christians taking the journey of a lifetime by learning, praying and sharing together: God’s mission in our world today, building vision and teams that work, growing disciples, sharing about Jesus without fear, engaging our communities, starting new, sustainable initiatives, developing evangelism strategies, creating new ways for worship, handling setbacks, leading small groups.

Three Weekends

We know that life happens despite our plans so getting on board should be easy. In Canberra, the journey will happen over three weekends with space in between so you can try something at home. Put these dates in your diary: Saturday/Sunday 30 & 31 July, Saturday/Sunday 17 & 18 September, and Saturday/Sunday 12 & 13 November.

Each day will run from 9 – 4.30pm. Like to come but can’t do it all, everyday? Come for as much as you can, we all have kids or a life, or both.


Costs are $120 per person or $40 a session. We know its a big investment but no one runs a race
wearing thongs. Still too much? Talk to us.

MSM is being offered in Australia as a pilot in partnership with the Uniting, Anglican and Lutheran Churches in the ACT, NSW and SA. It is under licence by the Fresh Expressions initiative in the UK which is a partnership between The Church of England, The Methodist Church, The United Reformed Church, Anglican Church Planting Initiatives, Church Mission Society, The Congregational Federation and Ground Level Network.

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