Save a Teenager’s Christmas

A Message from Uniting Care Kippax

Thank you for the generosity that so many have been showing already in the lead up to this Christmas. We are, as always, amazed at the way that the Kippax community seeks to change the lives of others who are doing it tough. It is a great expression of our faith and our mission. Already people have been filling many hampers. Already people have been volunteering to act as ‘œelves’ in the lead up to Christmas. Already people are preparing for the Gift Appeal, and the collection and distribution of toys. Thank you!

There are now only several working days to go before Christmas Gifts and Hampers start going out to families in need.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a Christmas Package so far. We currently have 101 Teenagers currently covered for gifts and have a target of purchasing gifts for 500 Teenagers this year. As always, this support comes from both within Kippax and across the broader community. Gift Drive Packages will be distributed to Teens across Canberra through UnitingCare Kippax, The Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul, Marymead, Barnardos and many other Community Service Providers.

The Teen Gift Drive may be something that you can help with. You may be in a position to buy a package (or two) yourself. But there are other ways as well:
* you could gather 6 friends and each put in $5, or 10 friends and each put in $3.50;
* you could arrange an office ‘˜Whip Round’ ‘“ what would you raise if everyone in your office, branch or department donated $1? How many kids lives could you affect?

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* you could also send this email out to other people know and encourage them to do the same ‘“ this is a way to find people who would love to help but simply do not know how or haven’t the time to work it out.

Could you put yourself out there and help – After All It Is All About The Kids.

$35 buys two movie tickets, two snack vouchers AND get you a Tax Deductible Receipt!

Please, do what you can to Save a Teenager’s Christmas!

Sue Gore Phillips
Children & Family Services
UnitingCare Kippax
(02) 6254 1733

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