Where’s Wheeo?

Congratulations to Wheeo Uniting Church. You are “on the map”.

A service of Dedication of the Refurbishment of the Wheeo Church will be held on Sunday 1 April, at 2.30pm. The Chairperson of Presbytery, Rev. Norman Wakefield will officiate. An afternoon tea will follow the service, and we would appreciate it if those wishing to attend might advise Kathleen Kealy on (4836 2104), to assist with catering arrangements.

Where’s Wheeo? Most people in the Canberra Region would not know where Wheeo is.

20km south-west of Crookwell (off the Boorowa road)
10km north-west of Grabben-Gullen (as the crows fly, itself 10km south of Crookwell towards Gunning)
50km north-west of Goulburn (but a little further via via Crookwell)