Womens Spirituality Forum at St James

This year in the midst of an already busy program, the Centre for Progressive Religious Thought has been given the opportunity to initiate a series of activities, through a grant from the ACT Office of Women. A Women’s Spirituality Forum has been established, and a Project Team is coordinating special events and interest groups for women as well as preparing women to take part creatively in regular CPRT presentations. A warm invitation is being extended to women through Canberra, including those of other faiths and cultures, and it is anticipated that this thinking together program will contribute much to the dialogue that is needed to develop a more just and caring world.

Dates and opportunities to note are as follows:

25 August (pm) and 26 August (9.30am- 5pm): Workshop on Women Re-imagining the Divine: Dr. Val Webb, Australian theologian and writer: Cost: $50.

21 September (7.45pm): Presentation by Women’s Forum participants on Our Hidden History, Discovered in Ourselves at the CPRT regular gathering: $8.

14 October: A Workshop for women on Finding our Voices (9.30am – 5pm). Trish Watts – Singer, Songwriter, Facilitator of Spirituality Workshops.

30 November (7.45pm): Dr. Elaine Wainwright Professor of Theology (Auckland University), Biblical Scholar, speaker at CPRT meeting: $8. Dr Wainwright also will lead a workshop on 1 December (am).
During September, October and November, women are being invited to meet in small groups around 10 themes, including Women’s Spiritual Heritage and Women, Spirituality, and Politics.