Quilts with love for roving youth

Merimbula Uniting Church, part of the Sapphire Coast Uniting churches, has a church hall which is used by various organisations within the area. Among hall users are the Merimbula Quilters, who produce the most beautiful quilts. A number, but not all, of the quilters are members of Merimbula UC.

As an outreach, the quilters devote one Monday each month to making quilts, mostly from second-hand or donated materials, expressly for young people no longer living at home. All these quilts are delivered to Goulburn where, it appears, there is an above-average need for help for the young people who, for various reasons, are no longer living with their families.

These young people are invited to choose which quilt they would like and, when they have chosen, they are given a material label upon which to write their name. This label is to ensure that the quilt is theirs, and theirs alone, and the label is then attached to the reverse side of the quilt.

This wonderful outreach has been in operation for some time, but has only recently come to the notice of the church’s District Council when Pauline Miles, the coordinator of the Hall Users Group and herself a member of the Merimbula Quilters, brought samples of those donated quilts to a council meeting. Quiet achievers at work!

Anita Austen Rau, Secretary, District Council