John Emmett

John Emmett, Coordinator for Christian Education and Discipleship at Kippax Uniting Church, is the first in our online series on Presbytery personalities.

John Emmett was born in Wanganui, New Zealand.

Family: Married to Elizabeth. Three adult children, all married ‚- Michael and Claire Emmett, with two sons, Cailan and Ethan; Natasha and Christopher King; Sarah and Steve Miles. We have fine art: oil and watercolour painting, precious metal-smithing, small space sculpture, graphic design, teaching, information technology and multi-media production, website and software programming, manufacturing jewelry, psychology and clinical nutrition represented across this family. So mainly involved with the arts in one way or another.

Presbytery Position: Coordinator for Christian Education and Discipleship, Kippax Uniting Church, from January 2005.

He was formerly National Director for Christian Education, The Uniting Church in Australia Assembly 1996 through 2004.

He likes the job because… he is passionate about forming people in the faith of Christ.

Why he lives in Canberra: The role at Kippax creates many opportunities to participate in the Christian spiritual formation at all stages of the journey into the faith of Christ.

Exploring and engaging life from the perspective of Christian faith with young people and adults provides occasion to inform, nourishing our need for Christian knowledge, deepening information about Christ and being a disciple of Christ, challenging minds, developing skills in biblical study, contextual theology and equipping people for ministry and mission.

Discerning and deciding with youth and adults opens up times and opportunities to form the faith of Christ through attention to Christian practices that strengthen us as individuals and bind us into being the people of God, moulding us all as a community of the Spirit, ‚”on a mission from God‚” quote: The Blues Brothers.
Service and mission activities become primary settings for witnessing God’s transforming Spirit at work.

Growing people in the life of Christian faith is a deep privilege. Making disciples for Christ’s ministry in the world is an awesome responsibility of every congregation. This role is mind-blowing! But with God, all things are possible. Canberra is where this rare and wonderful ministry opportunity exists!

He worships at… Kippax UCA.

Favourite hymns: Be Thou My Vision, O Sacred Head Sore Wounded

Favourite Bible verse: No verse in particular, but I am always deeply moved by the Emmaus Way story: Luke 24:13-35. In particular, during meditation the phrase, “Stay with us”, v28 often finds a special role in my awareness of God.

Hobbies: Gardening, social rides (motorcycles), walking – bush or streets, reading history or philosophy.

Favourite sporting team: Not really a team sport person. I‚’d like to spend more time following the World Super Bike series, but sadly, not an option right now.

Member of: The Ulysses Club, a social motorcycle club for riders over 45. Full membership at 50+. I have been a full member for 6 years!

Dislikes: Grumpy Old men!

Favourite TV program: Wire in the Blood (Ch 2), the Bill (Ch 2)

Favourite food: Anything with ginger! Well, almost anything‚.

Impressed by: Fine art – paintings, sculpture, our adult children’s and grandsons’ many amazing achievements.